18 Days Down…..

Today marks day 18 on my 90 day road with P90x3. 18 days!!! My how time has flown.

I am so grateful for meeting Laurel. This challenge group has inspired me to set new goals! January has been an extremely difficult month for me personally and having this group has kept me sane. There’s something about doing something good for yourself and having the encouragement of others while you do it that shifts the pain of it all. I haven’t felt as alone my struggle to find sanity. lol

So where am I so far? Exactly where I want to be. Seeing amazing results and feeling great. Now, there are days when I fight myself to work out. (omg, Thursday I would have rather jabbed a pencil into my eye than do Agility X) But I do them, 30 MINUTES!!! I have no excuse. I continue to give it all I have and I cant wait to see what’s down the road.



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