Eat right! Eat right! Eat right!

I wasted so many years working out and eating whatever I wanted wondering why I couldn’t kick those last 10lbs. I thought because I ran 4 miles a day that I could eat anything I wanted. Wasn’t this why people did things like “run” anyways?
I honestly thought “dieting” was something prissy girls did to be skinny.

But when I was diagnosed, eating right stopped being an option. I was either going to eat right or continue down a long and excoriating lay painful road.

You don’t wanna loose weight? Eat right anyway! For 30 days and see how it changes you. It will change you. In the last year since I started eating better I have gone through different phases and levels of clean eating and all each has shown different levels of improvements in my over all quality if life.

Lecture over. Stop reading and go grab some veggies and a glass of water already!


Eat Lift Sleep

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