About Me

I am a 20-something, single, city dwelling, paleolithic eater. Not necessarily by choice but by necessity (both being single and eating paleo). Trial and error has taught me that I cannot stomach gluten, dairy, soy and bullshit.  I’m a perfectionist, stubborn to a T and entirely too analytical most days. To say the least I am not an expert in the areas I write about/ will write about. They are just the things I see, feel, enjoy and I hope that you do the same.

Why do I write? The last few years have been a learning experience for me and I like to think I came out on the bright side of it all. Writing is cathartic and ultimately the one thing I really enjoy. If I won the lottery tomorrow I’d travel the world and write about everything and anything! So I decided while I might not be able to jet back to Salzburg at a moments notice, I could still write. Write about my journey, about the things I learned, write about the good days and the bad days and the days in between. Write about the things that keep me sane really. It’s not easy living with endometriosis but it’s still a beautiful life and I believe your circumstances only define you if you let them.

In August 2012, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. At the age of 24. A progressive incurable disease whose symptoms were already controlling my life before I knew they had a name.

The more I read, the more alone I felt. The smaller my world seemed to get. There are no answers no cure, no assistance really. Each woman lives with a different version of the disease and no one knows how to fix it. The more I read, the more my sense of hope diminished.

What I really needed was to see someone writing about living well! I needed an open forum to discuss the positive steps forward along with the rough days. So I started one myself. I hope that just one person reads this blog and feels less alone in her journey. There’s a tendency to feel helpless with this  disease (see An Important Medical Breakthrough You Probably Wont Hear About) but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I would be lying if I said these last several months were easy. But my diagnosis changed my life for the better. I am the healthiest I have ever been. And for that I am eternally grateful.


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